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Greg is never anything but a pleasure to work with. He is consistent in bringing an attitude of thoughtfulness and attention to the task at hand in any recording situation, which provides a working environment that not only makes the role of performer much easier, but also allows access to a wider understanding and experience of the differences between live and studio play. We have completed many projects together, in a wide variety of genres, and each has adventured deeply into very different musical territories. His enthusiasm for quality always ensures that from the get-go, we are on the right track for a high level finished product. This knowledge that he will always support and match my commitment to the project allows me to focus my concern on performing my pieces, and exploring their characteristics. Paired with his ability to provide clear and informative feedback, this allows the pair of us to exchange and use our ideas in a way that improves the quality of work beyond expectations.

Luke Richardson - Multi-Instrumentalist Engineer/Producer



I am an audio engineer situated in Manchester, who works mainly in the recording, mixing and mastering departments of musical audio. I have been in and around the industry for a few years and aim to not only to continue recording mixing and mastering, but to keep growing my skills as an engineer. I started engineering at 16 and I also have qualifications as a musician too.


I Have a First in Audio Engineering and Production (BSc) Honours degree from Futureworks school of media, and I am a certified ProTools user.

Having worked within the audio industry I have experience in working with clientele in a polite and courteous manner along with working efficiently under pressure to deadlines. I am organized and punctual and I am available for recording, mixing and mastering work. Having produced a few albums I have developed my management skills and time management skills along with improving my customer service whilst working alongside my clients to create a product to their specification and standard.


A full list of qualifications can be found by clicking here: 

Greg was very helpful when it came to remotely installing my audio interface, his explanations of different software was easy to follow and made setting up my microphone a for use an absolute breeze.

Megan Brown - Friend

You're a great engineer!

Jake Tysome - Freelance Audio Post Production Specialist

Greg recorded and edited a selection of opera and musical theatre pieces for me a few years ago and they came out fabulously. Opera is a nightmare to record so I'm told and Greg did an amazing job with it. He's also a fab musician so knows what sounds good and what doesn't. Can't recommend him enough!

Elizabeth Hardman - Freelance Soprano & Vocal Tutor

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