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Instruments, vocals, songwriting, recording & mixing: Luke Richardson

Accordion, additional vocals, artwork, recording, mixing & mastering: Gregory Slobodian

Additional Drums: Gary Richardson

Saxophones & additional vocals: Caitlin Laing Mc-Evoy

Covered In Christmas: Bauble Boppers is a Christmas album produced by myself and Luke. This one is a collection of 9 covers and Luke's first original song: What I Hear On Christmas Day.

We started recording a yearly Christmas cover during my first year in uni back in 2015, since then we've done at least 1 a year and it's a tradition I hope to keep up for a long while! Bauble Boppers was going to be released for Christmas 2020, but unfortunately covid ended up getting the better of us and interrupted our plans, although a setback, we ended up recording 4 tracks during 2021 which ended up rounding up the album to a solid 10 tracks. I even decided to print a small run of CDs to hand out to friends and family, not only as a nice little keepsake but also a good way to get into the physical production side of things.

I also created a little promo video in 2022 for the album to post on social media. Going forward I think it might be a good idea to create more little promos like this to boost engagement. 

You can have a listen to the full album by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.


Bauble Boppers CDs.jpg
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