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Dido's Lament


Vocals: Elizabeth Hardman

Piano: Lucy Myers

Recording, Mixing and mastering: Gregory Slobodian

Here's another track I did back at college for a friend of mine, I recorded a few tracks for Elizabeth but I've chosen to go back and re-do Dido's Lament mainly because I ended up being part of the Dido and Aeneas opera we put on at college (I unfortunately didn't get the part of dido but I did settle for a sailor).

For this track I ended up treating the vocals almost as a dialogue edit going in and doing quite a bit of volume automation as to not only keep the dynamic range but to also balance it throughout the track. What helped me out with balancing the vocal range here was the mic setup I went with 7 years ago - I had one close mic and one far mic on vocals so when the close mic started to peak during the loudest parts I could let the far mic shine without sacrificing the sound when turning the close mic down. I also went and cleaned up the background noise off the recording too and did my best to separate the vocal bleed of the piano tracks with a multi-band compressor and some EQ.

Although it doesn't quite sound like much of a difference between the 2 tracks at first I think there is a big improvement with the vocal quality and the dynamic range here, taking out the background noise and using volume automation also really sets the re-do apart from the original.

NEW Dido's Lament - Elizabeth Hardman
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OLD Dido's Lament - Elizabeth Hardman
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