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Vocals: Luke Richardson, Brad Richardson, Caitlin Laing, Gregory Slobodian

Instruments: Luke Richardson, Brad Richardson, Gary Richardson, Caitlin Laing,  Gregory Slobodian

Recording: Gregory Slobodian

Mixing and Mastering: Gregory Slobodian, Luke Richarsdson

Got it Covered is the album I produced at university, working with the FutureWorks record label I produced an album with 20 tracks of music covers by Luke Richardson. It was quite the task especially having to go back and re-mix some of our first tracks and having to master all 20 tracks to the different distributor specs. In the end the album was released to Spotify, Google Music, and iTunes.

Making sure to get all 20 tracks as per Luke's request took some back and forth with the record label, but I managed to convince them in the end and get what I wanted.

You can have a listen to the full album by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

Album Art 3000px.jpg


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