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I wish it could be christmas everyday

A This is probably my favourite christmas song I've covered with Luke to date, and I'm glad I pushed him to do it, even if it was the biggest one we could have possibly done. Theres so much stuff that had to go into this track, and even though we almost didn't get it finished in time for christmas, it was well worth all the effort everyone put in to this to make it sound as great as it does. Despite my normal grumpy nature, I'm still very happy with this one.


Bass, guitar, piano, timpani, tubular bells, glockenspiel, cowbell, french horn, vocals, cash register: Luke Richardson

Drums: Gary Richardson, Luke Richardson

Soprano sax, tennor sax, barritone sax: Caitlin Laing

'Childrens choir': Luke Richardson, Caitlin Laing, Gregory Slobodian

Recording, mixing: Gregory Slobodian, Luke Richardson

Mastering: Gregory Slobodian

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