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Indian Brave


All Instruments: Luke Richardson

Recording, Mixing and mastering: Luke Richardson,  Gregory Slobodian

Indian Brave was a somewhat quick easier project that Luke and I started just after lockdown to get us back into the swing of things - It then got shafted by my ambitions to produce a Christmas album along with mixing other projects that we had put off for a while.
The mastering on this one was fun though; I bought an old tascam 4 track tape machine and experimented with different cassette types before landing on a type 4 metal cassette for the final sound. I found that It added the right amount of compression and crust to the track to give it a similar sound to that of the original. I also managed to cut out the tape hiss from the start and end of the track with some automation on iZotope's dialoge de-noise plugin so the track would still fit today's somewhat cleaner sound.
Overall I'm happy with how this one turned out - it's always nice to do an easier project from time to time!

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