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What I Hear On Christmas Day


All Instruments and vocals: Luke Richardson

Recording and mastering: Gregory Slobodian

Mixing: Gregory Slobodian, Luke Richardson

This track marks a first for myself and Luke as it's the first track we've done that isn't a cover! Although Luke did a lot of this it was a lot of fun to work on, being able to have some creative input over what instruments played where was nice and even though we struggled with the track limit (mind you, I'm always pushing the track limit when I work with Luke) I think it came out really well and I'm looking forward to working on more original tracks with Luke in the future.

Because this was a big project we did end up cutting it close to our deadline which meant that I had to do some creative mastering towards the end to cover up some of the mistakes we made during a marathon mixing session. 

I'm still very proud of how it turned out though! 

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